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Covid-19 hits project countries twice as hard

Orange Babies Continues to support these children in every possible way in the fight against HIV and AIDS,
and against the consequences of the other devastating epidemic: Covid-19.
We can really use all the help we can get.
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Tour Namibië 2025

De reis van je leven
Tour Namibië is een tè gekke fietstour dwars door de indrukwekkende natuur van Namibië. Van 28 maart t/m 6 april 2025* reizen we met een groep van 20-30 gepassioneerde deelnemers af naar Namibië.
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We bezoeken Johannesburg waar we kennis maken met de allerkleinste Orange Babies beneficianten. Op Mount Olive steunt Orange Babies het Early Chi…
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Stop HIV-transfer


The need

Every 16 seconds a human is infected with HIV.

Number of HIV infections since visiting this web site: 0


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Orange Babies is supported by eight enthusiastic ambassadors:

Caroline Tensen, Fiona Hering, Herman den Blijker, Natasja Froger, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Henk Schiffmacher, Martijn Koning and Ward Stegerhoek. 

They are committed to helping Orange Babies achieve its goals on a voluntary basis.

About HIV

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Someone infected with HIV is called seropositive. Once you are seropositive your immune system doesn’t work properly anymore.

You speak of AIDS when your immune system cannot protect the body against all kinds of infections and conditions anymore. The body becomes weaker and without treatment a person will die of the consequences of AIDS.

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