Orange Babies

Orange Babies’ goal: an HIV-free generation.
To realize this, we desperately need your help.

How are you going to help?


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Orange Babies Gala 2017 - Reserveer een tafel!

Het jaarlijkse Orange Babies Gala is een van de meest spraakmakende ‘gala’s’ van Nederland. Dit jaar vindt de 11e editie van het Orange Babies Gala plaats in de Elicium Ballroom, RAI Amsterdam. De avond onderstreept de slogan van de organisatie CREATIVE IN BEATING HIV, waardoor geen editie hetzelfde is en ook dit jaar zullen wij je verrassen. 

Wil jij dit bijzondere evenement samen met ons beleven? Reserveer dan een tafel voor…

What we do

Orange Babies helps pregnant HIV-infected women and their babies in Africa. Because they are the most affected by the AIDS epidemic and the last to receive aid.
Our goals:

- To prevent pregnant women from transmitting the HIV virus to their babies.
- To help people who are (indirect) victims of HIV and AIDS.

Orange Babies supports various projects in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia.


Orange Babies is supported by six enthusiastic ambassadors:

Caroline Tensen, Fiona Hering, Herman den Blijker, Natasja Froger, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Henk Schiffmacher.

They are committed to helping Orange Babies achieve its goals on a voluntary basis.

About HIV

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Someone infected with HIV is called seropositive. Once you are seropositive your immune system doesn’t work properly anymore.

You speak of AIDS when your immune system cannot protect the body against all kinds of infections and conditions anymore. The body becomes weaker and without treatment a person will die of the consequences of AIDS.

Stop HIV-transfer


The need

Every 16 seconds a human is infected with HIV.

Number of HIV infections since visiting this web site: 0

Keep me informed


Visit Lillian Ngoya Clinic (HIVSA)

Jo’burg is a city of contraries, inequalities and differences. It is a city known for its violence, but truth is that it is this which allows for peace. Beyond the raging poverty and lack of possessions, even the poorest are rich. Communities in Soweto and Lehae, manage to live in the spirit of Madiba (Mandela) despite their pressing problems. They live for and because of each other.
This Ubuntu philosophy is the heart of the projects…
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Orange Babies’ goal: an HIV-free generation.
To realize this, we desperately need your help.
You can support Orange Babies in several ways.
How are you going to help us?


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