Start your own activity

Our organisation would not be able to exist without the endless dedication of individuals and companies offering all kinds of support to Orange Babies. This varies from providing products and services, organising events with or without Orange Babies’ help, to fundraising campaigns at schools. Orange Babies supports your campaign and provides materials if possible. Individuals also support us by promoting Orange Babies, for example when a baby is born, at a birthday, at a wedding or at a farewell party. Orange Babies can send you information to help you do this. It is also possible to create a personal campaign page at where family/friends/neighbours/colleagues e.g. can make a direct donation for your birthday or event. This way it’s easy to keep track of who donates, how the campaign is doing and you can share this on email and social media. With the financial contributions of many individuals we can finance our projects and offer the children and women in Africa a better life.


Great ideas for a campaign

There are a thousand and one ways to take action for Orange Babies. You can organise a sports event for example, or at a party/anniversary you can ask for donations to Orange Babies instead of presents. You can also start a fundraising event with your company or school. And how about a baby shower? That too is a great and meaningful moment to promote Orange Babies. For inspiring campaigns you can also check out There are two ways to register your campaign for Orange Babies. When you wish to use a personal campaign page go to the campaign platform, when you don’t want this, you can register your campaign using a form. Good luck!