Our mission

This is how Orange Babies helps

Orange Babies helps mothers and children in their fight for an HIV-free future. A lot of people don’t know that with the proper medication and care you can prevent HIV transmission. So when a pregnant woman is infected this doesn’t automatically mean the baby will be born with HIV too. On the contrary: since Orange Babies was founded, we have saved ten thousands of babies. Orange Babies is active in 20 projects in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia where the HIV infection rate is high and help is not available. Here Orange Babies offers help by implementing two kinds of programmes:

Child Protect

Preventing a pregnant woman from passing on the HIV virus to her baby. The Child Protect programme reduces the chance of HIV transmission from HIV-positive pregnant women to their babies. The education programmes also help preventing young HIV-negative mothers from being infected with HIV: Keep the Negatives Negative. Within 5 years this programme causes the infection of babies to drop to less than 2%. In other words: almost all babies born are healthy!

Child Care

Helping people who are (indirect) victims of HIV and AIDS. With the Child Care programme Orange Babies looks after orphans and other vulnerable children affected by the AIDS epidemic. Not only do they receive the proper medical care and healthy food, but also an education and support so they become independent and are able to build a future. The mothers and children in our projects are the living proof that our approach works!