Donating free of taxes

Donate free of taxes

Donate extra without paying more. Make your gifts completely tax deductible: convert them into a ‘Periodic Donation’. Thanks to your support we can give even more children a good start in life. But did you know the Dutch Tax Authorities will gladly contribute to your gift? If you convert your contribution to Orange Babies into a periodic donation, this will be completely tax deductible with the consequence that the Dutch Tax Authorities pay back a big part of your gift. You can decide how much you donate but the Tax Authorities demand that the amount is the same every year. With a periodic donation you donate a fixed amount during at least 5 calendar years. This will be recorded in an agreement between you and Orange Babies which makes the gift tax deductible. This results in a benefit! You could even give more without extra costs.

This is how it works:

Normally donations to charity are only tax deductible if they exceed one percent of your income. If you have your gift recorded in a periodic donation, you can deduct all donations, big or small. The Tax Authorities will repay you a maximum of half the amount you donated to us. The extent of your benefit depends on the income among other things. At the Dutch Tax Authorities website you can calculate your tax benefit.

An example:

Imagine someone donating € 100,- to Orange Babies every year. This is not enough to be tax deductible. The donor starts donating periodically and raises his donation to € 172,- per year. Because the donor is in the 42% tax bracket, he will be repaid € 72,- by the Tax Authorities thanks to the agreement with Orange Babies. This way the donor still pays € 100,- (net) a year while Orange Babies can help more children with this donation. A periodic donation is easy to organise with a grant agreement. The agreement doesn’t cost you anything and you don’t need a notary. You decide how much you want to donate to Orange Babies every year. All you have to do is fill out the registration form below in duplicate, sign it and send it free of charge to: Orange Babies Financiële administratie Postbus 10218 1001 EE Amsterdam Download the registration form (PDF) We will then send one of the forms back to you with the data Orange Babies needs from you. After this you can use this grant as a deduction on your tax return. Would you like more information about periodic donations with tax benefit? Please contact our donor service at 020 - 4222073 or Thanks for your support!