• Caroline Tensen

    ‘’People always think you’re sad when you return from Africa. That’s not true at all. It gives me even more energy to dedicate myself to this good cause.’’
  • Jeroen van Koningsbrugge

    "You can’t choose where you’re born and if you’re born with a disease you start off 1-0 behind. If I can just help one baby I’m happy."
  • Herman den Blijker

    'As a proud dad I realise every day how important it is for a child to have healthy start in life.''
  • Fiona Hering

    "I became an ambassador because I’m a mother myself; the way wealth is distributed worldwide is so unfair. The Orange Babies projects are simply fantastic."
  • Henk Schiffmacher

    Henk Schiffmacher
  • Natasja Froger

    'It works! Thanks to Orange Babies over ten thousand babies are born in good health - incredibly touching!''
  • Martijn Koning

    Ik vind Orange Babies een bijzondere stichting die zich inzet voor bijzondere mensen. Oranje is ook nog eens mijn lievelingskleur. Wat wil je nog meer?
  • Ward Stegerhoek

    “I am happy to share my creativity, and parts of the collection profits, because my first and natural instinct is to help babies. Ever since the founding of Orange Babies I have been involved with the foundation. I embraced their mission years ago; to strive for a world in which no children are born suffering from HIV, and where all HIV infected people receive fair chances."
  • Jill Schirnhofer

    Orange Babies laat zien dat de wereld wél te veranderen is, en ik ben trots onderdeel te mogen zijn van deze belangrijke missie'. 'Creativiteit ken geen grenzen: so let’s beat HIV