• Caroline Tensen

    ‘’People always think you’re sad when you return from Africa. That’s not true at all. It gives me even more energy to dedicate myself to this good cause.’’
  • Jeroen van Koningsbrugge

    "You can’t choose where you’re born and if you’re born with a disease you start off 1-0 behind. If I can just help one baby I’m happy."
  • Herman den Blijker

    'As a proud dad I realise every day how important it is for a child to have healthy start in life.''
  • Henk Schiffmacher

    Henk Schiffmacher
  • Natasja Froger

    'It works! Thanks to Orange Babies over ten thousand babies are born in good health - incredibly touching!''
  • Martijn Koning

    Ik vind Orange Babies een bijzondere stichting die zich inzet voor bijzondere mensen. Oranje is ook nog eens mijn lievelingskleur. Wat wil je nog meer?
  • Ward Stegerhoek

    I am happy to share my creativity, and parts of the collection profits, because my first and natural instinct is to help babies. Ever since the founding of Orange Babies I have been involved with the foundation. I embraced their mission years ago; to strive for a world in which no children are born suffering from HIV, and where all HIV infected people receive fair chances.
  • Jill Schirnhofer

    Orange Babies laat zien dat de wereld wél te veranderen is, en ik ben trots onderdeel te mogen zijn van deze belangrijke missie'. 'Creativiteit ken geen grenzen: so let’s beat HIV