Seko Village

Location: Zambia, Lusaka
Project: Seko Village


Margaret Banda (15 years) lives at Seko Village “When I finish grade 12 I want to go to university and become a doctor. This way I be able to help the poor people in the community, like Seko Village and Orange Babies helped me”

Short description:

On 14 February 2009, the Seko House at Ng’ombe was started by Angela Malik for twelve orphaned girls. Most of them had a violent past (sexual abuse or violence), lost their parents to HIV or had parents who were too ill to take care of them. A number of them also contracted the virus themselves at birth. Angela noted there were orphans who didn’t go to school despite her efforts. Angela’s comment on this subject: “It was found that after we had paid all the fees and bought all other requisites for school, some children were not going to school, especially the girl child.” These young girls were often forced to contribute to the income of their guardians. This motivated Angela to start the Seko House. After the joint visit of the Poelman Foundation and Orange Babies in 2012, they came up with the plan to find a better location for the Seko House which is now surrounded by ‘shebeens’ (bars). In 2014 Angela bought a piece of land next to the Pa Kachele School and started the construction of Seko Village. The 2nd house will also accommodate boys. At the moment 5 boys have already been selected.


  • Offering shelter to orphans infected with HIV themselves or who have lost their parents to the disease
  • Ensure the children have access to education
  • Providing healthy meals
  • Psychosocial support


The 2 houses have been built. The first house accommodates the girls from the former Seko House and they are now in the middle of selecting the boys for the second house. The girls do really well at school. All the girls who had to take exams, passed and moved on to the next class. 2 New, trained house mothers were hired for the girls.


nformation about Partner

Seko Village is supported by the Poelman Foundation. For 5 years they have been committed to helping children to whom a positive future is not obvious.