Home Based Care

Location: Zambia, Lusaka
Project: Home Based Care (HBC)


Sister Marie, Project Leader: “My dream is an HIV-Free Zambia. I am so happy Orange Babies has joined me in achieving that dream.”

Short description:

HBC is an outreach programme in the community for people suffering from the HIV/AIDS epidemic. About 30 volunteers provide care to the seriously ill in the Ng’ombe community, one of the poorest slums in Zambia. They also offer support to the many orphans because of HIV. At the moment, most activities concerning the prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child, are organised in cooperation with Sekelela House. The caregivers enter the Ng’ombe compound in pairs and provide the poorest clients with food, education, care and financial support. All caregivers are split into ten groups and are allocated to the different zones of Ng’ombe where each team has its own group of clients. The caregivers register new clients and monitor the progression of the treatments. Home Based Care also focuses on child protection and works closely together with the clinic, police and victim support. The projects Kondwa Day Care, Pa Kachele School, Seko House, Zambia Open Community School and Sekelela all originated from Home Based Care.


  • Offering holistic support to people with HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis.
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS focussing on the mother-to-child transmission.
  • Offering support to orphaned and other vulnerable children.


• About 120 clients received food support. Because of this the treatments are more effective and quality of life improves. • 160 orphaned and other vulnerable children who are infected with HIV or otherwise affected by it, are supported with school fees and food. • 104 HIV-infected clients are ‘fired’ from the programme because their health improved significantly. • Holistic support was given by the 30 volunteer caregivers. • Preventive actions were taken and the danger of alcohol abuse was explained.