Heal Project

Location: Zambia
Project: Heal Project

Quote :

Jeannie Mulenga, founder Heal Project: ‘The most special thing about my work is seeing the children grow that participate in this programme. I’m helping them in a supportive and caring environment. My motto: Love, care and support” Short description: The Heal Project is founded by Jeannie Mulenga. She is HIV positive herself and lost her husband to AIDS. After her husband’s death Jeannie became very ill and was rejected by the family, she could no longer stay in her house. She came in contact with the English doctor Helen Ayles, who made sure Jeannie received HIV medication. Thanks to successful HIV treatment, she got better and decided to help others, particularly children. Orange Babies supports this project by offering daily care to 30 children, 95% of them is HIV positive. In the Heal Project the children receive food, medical help and education.


  • Providing 3 healthy meals a day for 30 children.
  • Monitoring the children’s health.
  • Offering psychosocial support.
  • Developing the skills of the older children by expanding the commercial initiatives.
  • Lighten Jeannie’s workload with help of Justine and Mulenga.


  • Of the 20 children attending (different) schools, 6 are ready to move on to high school. Almost all remaining children have also achieved good results.
  • The children are in good health.
  • The ‘Chicken Project’ is going really well, both the breeding and the sales. Currently the profits are invested in expanding the project. Eating more (chicken)meat and eggs has contributed to the children’s health.
  • Carpentry – The older boys have learned to make furniture (at first beds) in a creative way. This allows them to make money and learn a profession. The money they make is reinvested in the project but part of it is used as pocket money for the boys. They have been trained at a skills centre outside Lusaka.
  • Construction of the boys wing has been finished.