The moment Hendrix joined our project Pa Kachele, Angela (project leader) immediately saw a very cheerful boy. Hendrix was optimistic and brought energy to the classroom. We were very happy to receive him because his parents do not have the means for this. Hendrix lives with his family in one room in a very poor neighborhood. His parents are day laborers and the impact of Covid-19 is heavy. We are very happy to support them and to see Hendrik develop into a happy boy who likes to go to school.

"I am Hendrix and I am in Gr. 1. I like it at school. I like different subjects, especially mathemetics. I do not like creative studies so much. In my free time, I like to help my mum sweeping. When I grow up, I want to study medicine and become a doctor so I can help people who are sick.My favorite moments in school are special days when we have parties and I can dance all day.My family enourages me to work hard for a bright future. Orange Babies gave me this chance as my parents do not have the opportunity to pay for it." - Hendrix.

We are very proud of Hendrix's attitude at school. He inspires and motivates his classmates with his happy spirit.