Orange Babies Home Namibia

Five Rand camp Okahandja is a place where all the destitute stays. Many of them lives in shacks that is mostly overcrowded with up to ten people in a two room shack. Many of the kids at the Five Rand Primary School are orphans staying with a relative and not properly taken care of or not provided in their needs.
Children as little as 7 years old have to walk a distance and through dangerous territory to get to school every day. Some of them stays on their own with no authority or adult supervision.  Hunger, poverty, no electricity, no water, no clothes are just a few of the hardships they battle with every day. As it is in many of these communities there is always a problem with shebeen’s been erected everywhere making it difficult for some to study or have a feeling of being safe. Some of these kids battle with HIV as well. But through all of these things they still come to school vigilantly and their dreams is as normal as any kid growing up. Opening the Orange Babies Home and providing accommodation will be an absolute pleasure and a welcome for them.
The Orange Babies home will initialy house 40 children. Thanks to sponsors Nelson Shoes and the Jack & Carla Wintermans Foundation, these children will get a chance for a better future.