Blog from Africa Part V – Kondwa Day Care

COur colleague Anouk blogs about her working visit at our projects in Africa:

‘’Today we have a busy schedule ahead of us. First we’ll go to Kondwa Day Care. After that we’ll visit the Pa Kachele School and finally we’ll visit one of our orphanages. Kondwa Day Care is a day care for children from 3-6 years old, here they ‘re being prepared for primary school. Many of these children are directly or indirectly affected by HIV. These children don’t have to pay a fee to participate in this pre-schooling. The little ones have prepared a sweet but also intense play for us. It’s about the life of a boy named Abu who lost his mother and whose stepmother favours her own child. Because of this, Abu is the only one that has to help out at the house. Fortunately it all ends well because in the play social workers make Abu’s stepmother aware of her responsibilities. No matter how cute these little ones are, to me the idea they perform plays like this at their age is quite disturbing. A little later this becomes reality… With Ng’ombe Home Based Care we visit a boy named Lutangu. Home Based Care has a large group of caregivers who visit about 72 patients at their homes. When I walk into a house I see a little, extremely fragile boy, his head is covered in sweat. Rodia, one of the caregivers, tells us that he has HIV and that his mother died. His father and stepmother don’t really take care of him whereas his stepmother does take good care of her own two children. As a result Lutangu is malnourished and the HIV medicine doesn’t work properly. I don’t get it… If things go on like this he won’t live much longer. Fortunately the caregivers have got a plan. The coming period they will monitor if he gets enough food and medication and in the meantime we will check if he can be taken in by one of our orphanages.''

Read more about the Kondwa Day Care project and see what you can do to help.